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Sun, Jan 05


Zoom link to be provided upon registration

Roots of Healing: Trauma Informed Psilocybin Facilitator Training

This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and certification needed to facilitate safe and supportive psilocybin experiences for healing trauma.

Roots of Healing: Trauma Informed Psilocybin Facilitator Training
Roots of Healing: Trauma Informed Psilocybin Facilitator Training

Time & Location

Jan 05, 2025, 1:00 p.m. – Mar 09, 2025, 3:00 p.m.

Zoom link to be provided upon registration

About the event


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a trauma-informed psilocybin facilitator?

Join Billie Lynn Hillis (Gaia Wellness Retreats) & Nico Rossi (Lunita Jungle Retreat) for an immersive 10-week online certification program, beginning January 5 2025, Sundays @ 1pm EST (2hrs)

This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and certification needed to facilitate safe and supportive psilocybin experiences for healing trauma.

Our online training curriculum, carefully crafted by leading experts in the field, covers a wide range of topics, including:

- Understanding trauma and its impact on individuals

- Trauma-informed care principles and practices

- Psychedelic-assisted therapy protocols

- Ethical guidelines and harm reduction strategies

- Integration techniques for maximizing therapeutic benefits

Through a combination of live video calls, interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, you'll gain a deep understanding of how to create a supportive and healing environment for individuals navigating trauma.

Billie & Nico will guide you every step of the way, providing personalized support and feedback to ensure your success.

Upon successful completion of the program, you'll receive certification as a trauma-informed psilocybin facilitator, allowing you to confidently support individuals on their journey towards healing and transformation.

Whether you're a therapist, counselor, healer, or simply someone passionate about facilitating healing, this training is your gateway to making a profound impact in the world of psychedelic therapy.

Spaces for this exclusive training are limited, so reserve your spot today and take the first step towards becoming a certified trauma-informed psilocybin facilitator.

Embrace the opportunity to harness the healing power of psilocybin and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Join us on this journey of healing, growth, and transformation.


Trauma-Informed Sacred Medicine Mentorship:

Learn to hold space for individuals navigating the complexities of trauma and healing with compassion, empathy, and reverence. Explore trauma-informed practices and ethical guidelines for working with the sacred psilocybin medicine.

Preparation and Integration Coaching:

Deepen your understanding of the preparation and integration process surrounding psilocybin medicine journeys. Gain practical tools and personalized coaching to support individuals in maximizing the therapeutic benefits of their experiences.

Sacred Microdosing:

Discover the healing potential of sacred microdosing as a tool for emotional balance, creativity, and spiritual growth. Explore dosage protocols, integration practices, and ethical considerations for microdosing with sacred psilocybin medicine.

Sound Healing + Meditation:

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of sound healing and meditation as complementary practices to psilocybin medicine work. Learn techniques to deepen self-awareness, release emotional blockages, and cultivate inner peace and clarity.

Psilocybin Ceremony Training:

Develop the skills and confidence to facilitate sacred psilocybin medicine ceremonies for yourself and others. Learn about ceremony preparation, ritual elements, setting intentions, and creating a safe and sacred space for healing and transformation.


This facilitator training will equip you with essential tools and knowledge to guide individuals through psilocybin journeys safely and effectively. Learn trauma-informed approaches to support participants in healing and integration.


- Understand trauma and the nervous system.

- Differentiate between trauma release and resolution.

- Recognize signs of trauma and respond effectively.

- Support the body's intelligence in trauma resolution.

- Develop safety protocols and integration care.


- Overview of trauma and the nervous system.

- Understanding fight, flight, freeze, and social engagement responses.

- The importance of the vagal nerve and vagal tone.

- Recognizing and working with different trauma categories.

- Techniques for trauma-informed preparation and integration.

- Creating a trauma-informed integration practice.

- Tools for trauma-informed language and communication.


Weeks 1-10: Online Training

Week 1-2: Introduction to Trauma and Psychedelic Therapy

- Understanding trauma and its impact

- Introduction to psychedelic-assisted therapy

- Ethical considerations and safety protocols

Week 3-4: Trauma-Informed Care Principles

- Principles of trauma-informed care

- Creating safe and supportive environments

- Boundaries and self-care for facilitators

Week 5-6: Psychedelic Therapy Protocols

- Preparation and integration practices

- Setting intentions and creating sacred space

- Facilitating therapeutic journeys

Week 7-8: Integration and Aftercare

- Integration techniques and practices

- Supporting participants post-session

- Self-reflection and ongoing learning

Week 9-10: Case Studies and Practical Exercises

- Review of case studies

- Interactive exercises

- Q&A sessions with Billie & Nico


- Completion of all online training modules and assignments

- Demonstration of competency in facilitating psilocybin experiences and integration sessions

- Successful completion of final assessment or evaluation by program facilitators


This structure provides a balance between theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and experiential learning, ensuring participants are well-equipped to facilitate psilocybin-assisted therapy sessions in a trauma-informed manner.


- Therapists, counsellors, healers.

- Individuals seeking to support others in Psilocybin journeys.

- Anyone interested in trauma-informed approaches to healing.


Join us in becoming a trauma-informed Psilocybin facilitator and make a positive impact on individuals' healing journeys. 

Limited spots available - secure your place today!


Invest in your journey of growth, healing, and transformation with Roots of Healing ~ Sacred Medicine Facilitator Training.

$1999 USD

Secure your spot in the Roots of Healing ~ Sacred Medicine Facilitator Training with a 50% deposit.


Save $333 USD  if you register 60 days prior to the training with a 50% deposit.

Minimum 50% Deposit Required upon Registration.

Remainder due 30 days prior to training.

First cohort to begin January 5, 2025 - Sundays @ 1pm EST (2 hrs)


Billie Lynn Hillis

Spiritual Teacher | Shamanic Healer | Somatic Therapist | Medicine Woman | Meditation Teacher | Reiki & Sound Healer

Billie is a Shamanic Healer, Retreat Leader, and Medicine Woman at Lunita Jungle Retreat & Gaia Wellness Retreats, renowned for her decades of experience in guiding transformative journeys. As the founder of Gaia Wellness, Billie has created a sanctuary where seekers discover profound healing and spiritual growth.

With a life story marked by overcoming early struggles with trauma, anxiety, and addiction, Billie found her path to healing through yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Her journey has equipped her with deep wisdom in Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki, and BioTuning therapies.

Billie is a seasoned practitioner of Compassionate Inquiry Therapy, Trauma-Informed Somatic Therapy, Shamanic Life Coaching, Shamanic Reiki Mastery, Psychedelic Guidance & Integration, and Insight Meditation. Her programs and trainings integrate diverse spiritual traditions, reflecting her studies with luminaries such as Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, and Dr. Gabor Mate.

Billie’s teachings honor Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other spiritual paths. Her most profound teachers have been her children, her beloved Grandmother Tree, Spirit, and her Guides. Known for her authentic, compassionate approach, Billie seamlessly blends meditation with self-inquiry, applying ancient wisdom to modern life, nurturing holistic growth of the physical and spiritual self.

Billie’s decades of experience uniquely qualify her to teach others how to offer retreats and become plant medicine facilitators. Her comprehensive knowledge and genuine commitment to healing make her an inspiring mentor for those ready to embark on their journey of guiding and facilitating transformative experiences for others.

Nico Rossi

Nico is one of the visionary founders behind the Lunita Jungle Retreat.

With a background in hosting retreats, Nico brings a wealth of experience to every event, ensuring participants receive a deeply enriching experience.  Nico's creativity isn't just limited to organizing; he is also an accomplished photographers, capturing the essence of the retreats hosted at Lunita.

At the core of Nico's work is his dedication to fostering connections between individuals and shamanic traditions, including sacred medicine. His focus is on facilitating deep, meaningful engagements with these spiritual practices.  Nico's goal is to help others experience and conduct ceremonies in their authentic, sacred forms.

Nico is devoted to creating a space where learning, healing, and creativity flourish amidst the lush greenery of the jungle.


"Billie gives everything she has when she's with you and the program she put together is really powerful"

"Nico and his team are a breath of fresh air"

"Billie has a gift and I am grateful that we crossed paths"

"The experience that Nico and his team create is astounding."

"I feel lighter and hopeful, prepared with the tools and daily practice I need on my journey of self-discovery."

"Billie is a spiritual magician. One word to sum it all up: beautiful."

"I came home with tons of knowledge, ressources, new perspectives and love in my heart and soul."

"Anyone who is searching for an outstanding and accomplished healer, I strongly recommend Billie"

For all certification programs; we ask that you give us a minimum of 60 days or more advance notice in order for a full refund to be issued minus a $100 admin fee. If notice of cancellation is received between 60 to 30 days in advance, 50% refund will be issued minus a $100 admin fee. If notice of cancellation is received 30 days or less, no refund is issued

Join the Journey:

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of plant medicine, trauma-informed practices, and sacred healing modalities?

Join us on the journey of becoming a compassionate and skilled psilocybin medicine guide. Limited spaces available, reserve your spot in "Roots of Healing" today!

Book a Call

We're eager to get to know you better and answer any questions that you might have. 



    Sale ends: Nov 06, 12:00 a.m.

    For all certification programs; we ask that you give us a minimum of 60 days or more advance notice in order for a full refund to be issued minus a $100 admin fee. If notice of cancellation is received between 60 to 30 days in advance, 50% refund will be issued minus a $100 admin fee. If notice of cancellation is received 30 days or less, no refund is issued




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