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Gaia’s Signature ReTurn to YourSelf Program
6-Week Online Intensive Transformation Virtual Program

Are you ready to break free from the patterns that have been holding you back?


Do you want to reconnect with your authentic self and live a life of purpose and joy?


What if you could transform your negative self-talk into self-love and compassion?


Do you want to reclaim your power and speak your truth with confidence?


What would your life look like if you could truly embrace self-care, self-compassion, and self-love?


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If you feel these questions deep in your being, I invite you to join me for
Gaia’s Signature ReTurn to YourSelf Program: 6-Week Online Intensive Transformation Virtual Retreat.

Join Us

September 25, 2024

The Return to YourSelf Intensive Transformation Program was born from the deeply personal healing journey of its founder, Billie Lynn Hillis. 


After facing significant struggles in her early life, including trauma, chronic anxiety, and addiction, Billie turned to yoga, meditation, and spirituality to find relief from suffering and support her journey home to her Self.


Drawing from her own experiences, Billie has dedicated decades to studying and mastering various healing modalities.


Her extensive training in somatic therapy, trauma therapy, and shamanic healing practices has equipped her with a profound understanding of how to facilitate true, lasting transformation.


Billie’s journey is a testament to the power of these practices. She has combined her personal insights with professional expertise to create a comprehensive program that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.


The Return to YourSelf Intensive Transformation Program offers a unique blend of shamanic healing, somatic trauma work, and spiritual mentorship, guiding participants back to their true essence and empowering them to live authentically.


This program is more than just a series of sessions; it’s a path to reclaiming your power and reconnecting with

your authentic self.


Hundreds of individuals have already experienced profound shifts through this journey, breaking free from old patterns and stepping into lives filled with purpose and fulfillment.


Join Billie and a community of like-minded individuals on this transformative journey.


If you’re ready to heal deeply and embrace your highest potential, the Return to YourSelf Intensive Transformation Program is here to support you every step of the way.


Highlights of this Intensive Program:

  • Learn and put into practice a powerful process for identifying and dismantling the stories that no longer serve you.

  • Discover how to change your thoughts and beliefs allowing for transformation to occur.

  • Re-connect with your authentic self; which will help you connect to a greater sense of purpose.

This intensive program offers mindfulness-based, self-enquiry coaching and practical tools to assist in healing from issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, addictive behaviours, grief and illness.

This program offers support and guidance designed to help clients experience true healing and transformation.


During this program you will:


~ Heal and transform negative patterns and self-defeating behaviours


~ Identify and transform core-beliefs that are blocking true well-being & happiness


~ Strengthen your relationship with yourSelf by learning practices that will release self-doubt, judgement and

old patterns of negative self-talk


~ Release the grip of resentment through practices designed to support letting go and embodying authentic forgiveness


~ Bring awareness to issues that are affecting your acceptance of your body and your ability to open your heart fully.


~ Embrace self-care, self-compassion, self-trust, self-acceptance and self-love


~ Experience emotional and energetic healing that will address the root causes of unconscious patterns.


~ Explore body oriented practices and self inquiry techniques designed to support the transformation of

negative emotional and mental imprints.

Participants will learn breathing and relaxation techniques to expel built up toxins and negativity; self-compassion and loving kindness meditations to deeply connect to the heart; mindful self-inquiry practices to rediscover the true self, and body-centred practices that honour and nurture the body’s needs.



Weekly Schedule Overview


Each session will take place on Wednesday’s from 6pm - 9pm EST


Week 1: Foundations of Healing:

Introduction, Setting Intentions, Mindfulness Coaching, and Core Belief Therapy.


Week 2: Rewriting Our Stories:

Self-Inquiry Practices, Breathwork, and Energy Medicine.


Week 3: Overcoming Triggers:

Identifying Triggers, Trance Behaviors, and Somatic Trauma Healing.


Week 4: Deep Wounds and Forgiveness:

Healing Deep Emotional Wounds, Dyad Therapy, and Forgiveness Practices.


Week 5: Self-Care and Relationships:

Self-Care Routines, Healing Relationships, and Body-Centered Practices.


Week 6: Empowerment and Closure:

Speaking Your Truth, Taking Back Your Power, Final Healing Sessions, and Closing Ceremony.


Weekly Session Structure


Each weekly session in the ReTurn to YourSelf: 6-Week Online Intensive Transformation Program is thoughtfully designed to provide an immersive healing experience. 


Here’s what you can expect from each session:


Guided Meditation:


Every session begins with a guided meditation to center and ground participants, helping to cultivate a state of mindfulness and allow us space to drop into the moment and into the space together.


Weekly Check-Ins:


We will offer weekly check-ins to help address any challenges, and provide personalized guidance. This time is for participants to share their experiences, receive support, and celebrate their growth.


Interactive Teaching:


The interactive teaching segments will dive deep into each week’s topics, offering practical tools and techniques for healing and transformation. These sessions encourage active engagement and learning.


Sharing Circles:


We will hold sharing circles where participants can openly express their thoughts, insights, and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. These circles foster a sense of community and collective healing, allowing for profound connections and shared wisdom.


Oracle Readings:


Each session Billie will offer oracle readings to provide spiritual insights and guidance. These readings are intended to illuminate the path ahead and offer clarity on personal and collective themes.


Channeled Readings:


Billie will also offer channeled readings, bringing through messages from higher realms to support and guide the group. These readings offer profound insights and align with the group’s energetic needs.

Private Healing Sessions with Billie:

Included in the registration price is one private healing session with Billie, providing personalized, one-on-one support to deepen your healing journey.


These sessions will include a blend of Shamanic Reiki & Counselling with Channeled Readings and Chakra Cleansing.

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Optional Deep Dive Package:


Participants will have the option to purchase an additional package that includes two private healing sessions of your choice with Billie at 25% off the regular price. 


This package offers a significant discount and allows for more personalized guidance and support.


Shamanic Counselling:


Receive spiritual guidance and support rooted in the ancient techniques of shamanism.


Channeling & Sound Healing:


Experience personalized guidance and healing through channeling and sound therapy.


Shamanic Reiki & Soul Retrieval:


Reconnect with lost parts of yourself and restore your energetic balance with shamanic Reiki and soul retrieval.



6 Week Intensive Virtual Transformation Program

Until the July 27th, 2024
Our early bird ticket, offers a special opportunity for you to join us at:
$1111 USD

After September 18th, 2024 
After the early bird window closes:
$1222 USD

Optional Deep Dive Package:

Receive 2 additional Private Healing Sessions of your choice

$244 USD


Book a Call

Please schedule a call to connect with us so that we may answer any questions
you have about the training

We look forward to connecting with you soon!


Your Facilitator

Billie Lynn Hillis

Spiritual Teacher | Shamanic Healer | Somatic Therapist | Medicine Woman | Meditation Teacher | Reiki & Sound Healer 

Billie is a spiritual teacher and healer who has guided thousands of people through transformational and life changing experiences. She serves as a bridge connecting the physical and spiritual realms. With her unique abilities, she receives messages through sight, hearing, and feeling, often experiencing a profound connection with both the Earth and the Spirit World.


After experiencing many struggles in her early life including trauma, chronic anxiety and addiction, Billie turned to yoga, meditation and spirituality to find relief from suffering and support her in her journey home to her Self.   


Billie has decades of experience guiding clients through the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki and BioTuning therapies.

She is a Compassionate Inquiry Therapist, Trauma Informed Somatic Therapist, Shamanic Life Coach, Shamanic Reiki Master, Certified Psychedelic Guide & Integration Coach as well as an Insight Meditation Teacher. 


Billie has a deep respect for the teachings of Shamanism, Buddhism, Hinduism and all other Spiritual Traditions and is honoured to have studied with wise and compassionate teachers including Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Dr. Gabor Mate, Sat Dharam Kaur, Atira Tan and many others. 


Her greatest teachers, however, have been her children, her beloved Grandmother Tree, her connection with Spirit, and her team of Guides.

Billie offers her experience and knowledge in hopes of inspiring others on their journey towards personal freedom. Billie is known for her authentic, non-judgmental and compassion-centered teaching. Availing herself to continuous philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines, she integrates meditation with self-inquiry therapies, applying ancient wisdom to our contemporary western world in a useful and understandable way. 


She encourages growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness to each other,to the world and to the universe at large.  

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