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Indigenous Healing
Community Visits & Retreat Programs

During our visits to the community we provide a range of nurturing and enriching services and programs designed specifically to support community members on their healing journey.

Our carefully designed programs and retreats center around Somatic Trauma Therapy, Energy Healing, Breathwork, Meditation Guidance, Shamanic Healing and Hypnotherapy Techniques.
These modalities empower clients to recognize and overcome inner obstacles and self-sabotaging beliefs.

Our Weekend Retreats and 10 Day Intensive Programs offer valuable time for self-care, healing, and engagement in workshops and cultural activities.

Additionally, our private sessions allow community members to engage in one-on-one sessions with our practitioners, enabling clients to delve deeper into their personal healing process.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you and warmly welcome new clients/participants.

Services Offered

Our intention in these healing sessions is to provide clients with the supportive guidance to go within and heal painful patterns at their root.


Shamanic Energy Healing

Billie is an Empathic Intuitive & Certified Shamanic Reiki Healer 


Billie acts as a channel between the physical and the spiritual world. Her unique gifts allow her to see and hear messages, as well as feel things which are often reflected through her own physical being as she experiences a deep connection with the Earth and the Spirit World. 


A healing session with Billie is a renewing experience that can provide comfort and guidance  for personal growth and health through the messages that the Spirits provide. 


Energy and Shamanic Healing are wonderful complements to western medical treatments because they have only positive side effects and promote a happy, relaxed mindset which is essential to overall health.


Past Life Regression

During a past life regression session, Sherry guides you into a relaxed or hypnotic state. This relaxed state is believed to facilitate access to the subconscious mind, where memories of past lives are thought to be stored. Sherry may use techniques such as guided imagery, visualization, or questioning to help the individual explore and recall past life memories.


The purpose of past life regression varies depending on your goals and beliefs. Some people seek past life regression for personal growth, healing, or self-discovery. They may hope to gain insights into their current life challenges, relationships, talents, or interests that could be rooted in past life experiences. Others may engage in past life regression out of curiosity or as a spiritual exploration.


Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a deeply relaxing experience, recommended for many types of physical ailments and emotional or psychological issues.


Sound Healing instruments are used, some of which are applied to the physical body, others played around the body 

in the subtle energy fields and energy centres (chakras). 

You will experience very deep relaxation, a profound sense of inner harmony and most clients report relief from chronic pain and stress.

Billie uses Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls (both Tibetan and Quartz Crystal singing bowls), 

Drumming, Gong Baths other Sacred Sound Instruments.

Therapy Offered

These therapy sessions will help clients learn to identify and release the inner blocks that keep them from living their lives to the fullest.


Somatic Trauma Therapy

Somatic Trauma Therapy is a form of counselling that attempts to treat a person's soul as well as mind and body by accessing individual belief systems and using somatic tools that explore body-centered therapies that looks at the connection of mind and body and uses both psychotherapy and physical therapies for holistic healing


Somatic Therapy with Billie can also include:

Addiction Recovery Support, Compassionate Inquiry Therapy, Core Beliefs Regeneration Therapy & Self Inquiry Meditation Guidance



Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy that uses hypnosis as a tool to facilitate positive changes in a our thoughts, behaviors, emotions, or perceptions. It has the ability to address a wide range of issues and promote personal development.

Hypnotherapy can be used to address a wide range of issues, including managing stress and anxiety, overcoming phobias and fears, improving self-confidence, enhancing performance in sports or academics, managing chronic pain, addressing habits or addictions, and promoting overall well-being. It can also be used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches to complement treatment.


Compassionate Inquiry Therapy

Compassionate Inquiry is a somatic-based psychotherapeutic approach that gently uncovers and releases layers of childhood trauma, constriction and suppressed emotion embedded in the body, that are at the root of physical and mental illness and addiction.


The approach has developed out of Dr Gabor Maté's life's work, brought together, structured and organised by Sat Dharam Kaur. Gabor is an internationally acclaimed expert on childhood trauma and addiction.

Upcoming Visits to Kawawa

Naskapi WellNess

August 29th - September 4th, 2023

August 29 - Sept 1 ~ Private Healing Sessions Available at Naskapi WellNess
Sept 2 - 3 ~ Healing from Grief and Loss - Women's Overnight Retreat at Camp

September 14th - September 20th , 2023

Sept 14 -15 & Sept 18 -19 ~ Private Healing Sessions Available at Naskapi WellNess
Sept 16 -17 ~ Communication for Connecting - Couple's Overnight Retreat at Camp
Contact Nancy at Naskapi Wellness to reserve a private session or space in a retreat.
Or message Billie on Messenger ~ Billie Lynn Hillis


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