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Falen R

Gaia has definitely changed my life!
​I came to gaia seeking healing and a sense of peace from grief, past trauma, addiction, etc. And I left with so much more!
I left with better coping mechanisms, an understading of why i was feeling the way i was.  I left with a whole new outlook on how I wanted to help others through their own healing, friendships, a sense of passion in my search for knowledge on healing the body mind and spirit, I felt seen, I felt heard and I felt warm loving energy from Gaia Wellness Retreats. it was a life changing, magical experience for me!!  
Thank you!! Much love for you all

Carmen G

I started visiting Gaia Wellness Retreats back in June of 2021.
I was in a crisis state and Billie helped me put things into perspective.Her presence is relaxing and open, I automatically felt safe in the session.
Her intuition is spot on and she has helped guide me into healthier ways of dealing with my stress-related issues.I'm very grateful to have her as my healer. 

Kevin C

I didn't know what to expect, but my experience with Gaia Wellness Retreats doing a Journey Within Retreat was beyond amazing.
The transformative revelations and self-discovery I encountered were beyond imagination.
Billie, the host, was exceptionally kind and attentive throughout the journey.  
I highly recommend this retreat to anyone seeking profound life insights.

Diane V

I was exhausted of having the same story go on and on in my head. Billie's 5 day intensive program is amazing.
She gives everything she has when she's with you and the program she put together is really powerful.
Being that I have been in the healing field for a long time and have done many retreats I have never gone this deep.
Billie is strong enough to see how you avoid but her strength comes from the female energy that makes you do what she asks of you

Caroline R

I attended a five day personal retreat, which allowed me to continue on my own personal healing journey.
Gaia offers a caring, opening, non-judgemental space to allow you to either start and/or continue your own transformation.
All staff are friendly and welcoming.

Marie Lynn S

I met Billie at a time when I truly needed her. I did her “Return to Yourself Intensive Program”, and she has been my guiding Angel every since.
I was a mess. I was completely drained from going thru a separation and was in a lot of pain, grieving from too many losses.
Billie has a Gift and I am grateful that we crossed paths

Theresa N

I attended the ReTurn to YourSelf Intensive Transformation retreat in 2019.It was like 10 years of therapy in 5 days, 
it changed and reset my life in profound and sustainable ways. 
I've leaned on Billie's Compassionate Inquiry Sessions for the last 4 years and always find her wisdom equal parts uplifting and shaking.
I return whenever I need a safe and brave space to explore my life.

Wendy S

Gaia Wellness Retreats has been a life changing experience for me.  
I highly recommend this for anyone who is struggling with anything in their lives.
I participated in the 2 day Intensive Return to YourSelf Program as well as a Couples Intensive Program.
It was tough. Hard work and emotionally draining at times...BUT let me tell you, this experience has skyrocketed me on a healing journey I never even thought about prior.  
Billie is a spiritual magician. One word to sum it all up: beautiful.

Bobby D

Amazing 3 days retreat.
Couldn’t have asked for more. I came back home with tons of knowledge, ressources, new perspectives and love in my heart and soul.Everyone could benefit from a retreat like this.
It is awakening and gives you the chance to dig deep in yourself and take a break from the wild world.
Food and amenities were perfect, nothing bad to say.
Jump and book yourself a retreat right away, you won’t regret.

Angie L

I attended the 5-day Personal Intensive Retreat this June. What a magical place! The property is so calming and peaceful.
The programming and exercises are amazing; challenging yet necessary. Billie creates a warm, safe space to share, feel, release and recharge.
The Energy Healing and Sound Therapy sessions with Billie are fascinating and eye-opening, uncovering the trauma I was/am holding on to and how to open and ground. Morning yoga and the evening sound meditation with ShantDeep became welcome exploration and relaxation practices that I have integrated into my daily practice.
The release, forgiveness, love, tools and practices that I have gained throughout the 5 days have honestly changed my life.
I feel lighter and hopeful, prepared with the tools and daily practice I need on my journey of self-discovery.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to for a life-changing experience! I am forever grateful!  
Thank you also to my fellow participants who I now call my tribe. We are deeply connected through this amazing experience of personal growth and I am so grateful that our paths crossed. 

Dawn V

I just attended a Gaia Wellness Retreat: Return to YourSelf Intensive Transformation Program at Villa RosaThe retreat location was wonderful!  
Villa Rosa is a quaint ‘old world’ feeling cottage. It’s nestled in trees and close to the water’s edge. A perfect setting for this retreat. The location was a bonus but the main draw is Billie and her staff.
I felt fully supported the entire time I was there.  I am so very grateful I attended the retreat. With Billie’s guidance I am healing the negative patterns and deep wounds from my childhood that have created destructive patterns in my life for years. Through her gentle and loving guidance she helped me discover how to recognize and change these thought and beliefs so that I may learn to re-connect with my authentic self.  
I felt fully supported the entire time through the beautiful setting, the amazing and nutritious food, the individual sessions, and the groups sessions.
It was an extremely rewarding 5 days and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to work with Billie and her staff.
Just like the title suggests; it is transformative and I can’t thank Billie enough for this gift. I will continue working with Billie and will be encouraging my family to seek her guidance.
I would also recommend anyone looking to strengthen their relationship with themselves to attend this retreat!!

Ryan M

This was just an amazing life changing experience.
I 100% recommend Gaia Wellness Retreats to anyone who’s interested in goingIt was such a profound, welcoming, peaceful, relaxing, heart felt environment.
All in all I couldn’t have been more happy with my experience.
A big thank you to Billie and everyone at Gaia Wellness for providing the perfect retreat.

Jenn C

"I just completed the ReTurn to YourSelf Intensive Program with Billie and it was truly a life-changing and life-enhancing experience. ​
Spending the week with Billie guiding me on my journey to self-awareness, nurturing and healing has profoundly changed how I view the world, myself, and my connection with spirit.
Billie is an amazing, kind soul and I immediately felt safe with her and within her space.
This allowed me to fully “let-go” and immerse myself in the process.  
Thank you Billie for your kindness, your vast knowledge and experience, and most of all for caring for your clients so thoughtfully and compassionately."

Elyssa M

My experience with Billie guiding me through my medicine journey was so deep and intense and blissful all at the same time.
Billie created a beautiful and safe space that gave me the ability to trust the process and be guided by this incredible medicine that just cradled me through my experience.
Through the ups and downs of emotions it carried me through, Billie guided me with music that brought me to all the places and things I needed to see and experience.I came out of it feeling like a new person, lighter and it's as if I can breath for the first time in my life.  
I cannot recommend Billie and her guidance enough.  
I plan on doing more journeys in the future and highly recommend Billie's services to everyone!!

Chris H

The course was everything I hoped it would be - in depth instruction from Billie who shared her decades of experience and multitude of sound healing tools.

Practice and practical time, yoga, meditation and chanting - all experienced in a safe, caring and guided group of sensitive healers.

My life path and reason for incarnating at this time has never been clearer.

Gratitude to Gaia
These words resonate deeply, reminding me of the profound impact our shared journeys can have.

To everyone who has entrusted their stories with Gaia, thank you. Your courage in sharing vulnerabilities and triumphs alike is not just appreciated; it's cherished.

Each review reflects the transformative power of connection and the incredible strength found in vulnerability. Your words fuel Gaia’s commitment to providing a space where healing, growth, and self-discovery thrive.

Our team is touched by each story and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your journey. Your trust is the foundation upon which we build, and your stories inspire others to embark on their own path of self-discovery.

Let's continue this journey together, supporting one another and celebrating the unique narratives that weave our community together. To those who have taken a moment to share their experiences, thank you for becoming a vital part of our story.

Many blessings,

Billie & the Gaia Team


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